Restorative Yoga – with Cindy Huston

2 Hour
Restorative YogaStudents will explore sequencing of traditional Restorative Yoga postures.

These postures improve circulation, digestions, remove toxins, and reduce muscle tension. Postures will be supported using blankets, blocks, and cushions allowing the body to gently stretch and relax. Gentle meridian massage and hands on Reiki will be offered while resting in the postures. Meridian massage supports movement and toning of the organs.

Reiki invites the body into a alpha theta state similar to meditation or falling asleep. Massage and Reiki relieves depression, anxiety, chronic and acute pain, and boosts the immune system.

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Live Music Restorative Yoga


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Hula Hoop Basics Workshop

2 Hour

Cindy Huston, Licensed Hoopnotica Instructor

Benefits of Hooping:
  • Strengthens Core, Back, Abs, Hips, and Arms
  • Helps Digestion
  • Cardiovascular
  • Reduces Stress
  • Improves Rhythm, Mood, and Balance
  • Increases Vitality

According to American Council on Exercise, Waist Hooping burns 400-600 calories per hour!
Exercise can be fun!


Hula hooping is a positive substitute for a cardio workout! Perfect for all ages and body types! Hooping is safe for expecting mothers (with special pregnancy hoop). This class will introduce basics of hula hooping, HoopFit fusing familiar cardio exercises, and learn how to link your new hoop tricks together into a flowing routine!

Great for parties!

We will cover hooping at the waist, hips, above the head, and off the body basics. HoopFit will tighten your core, glutes and arms using the hoops as a resistance tool.  Wear comfortable clothes. Yoga attire is perfect. We will use adult hula hoops. Don’t have a hoop? No worries! We will have extra hoops to play. Bring water to stay hydrated.
See you in the HOOP!

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Self & Partner Massage with Cindy Huston

Come learn about massage with your partner, family, and friends alike. Allow yourself to be nurtured while practicing to nurture others. Lead by Cindy Huston, a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, and E-RYT 200 Yoga Instructor. This workshop will discuss physical and energetic self care. Learn basic self massage technique and partner massage. Modalities we will learn techniques from are Thai, Tui Na, Swedish, and Acupressure. All techniques can be brought home and practiced everyday! Some techniques we will use tools. Gather a better understanding of your body and human anatomy. Please dress in comfortable clothes. Yoga clothes are perfect! All ages are welcome. No prior massage experience is required. If you have a massage table or Thai mat please bring it to the workshop.(Individuals will be partnered together or in small groups)

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3 Hours

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Yoga for Massage Therapists with Cindy Huston

Yoga Instructors and Bodyworkers 5 CE’s Continuing Education
(Approved by NCBTMB and Yoga Alliance)

5 Hour

Course includes: Pranayama Technique Packet, 5 Element Stretches, Restorative Yoga Packet, Active Yoga Asana Packet, and Certificate of Completion.

Keep your health and energy level abundant!  Massage Therapy can be a physically demanding career.  Taking time for self care is important! This class is lead by Cindy Huston, Certified Yoga Instructor, LMT, ABT, and Reiki Teacher.  Yoga is a mind and body practice that can help to increase awareness through breath.  We will discuss body alignment keys in various yoga poses that help improve posture and prevent injury in your massage therapy practice.  In this class you will learn a combination of Active and Restorative yoga.  In these poses we will focus on alignment using your own body weight and props to increase flexibility and strength.  A series of breathing techniques will be shared that increase oxygen flow to the body to feed the muscle tissues and help to clear the mind.  These elements when practiced daily or between clients will keep you centered, present, and rejuvenated. Learn tools to support longevity in your career as a Massage Therapist.  This class is open to all levels.  No prior yoga experience.  Massage Therapists can receive 5 CE Hours.

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Toss Your Cupcake, Celebrate The Life Of Your Dreams!

Learn a fun and effective tool that teaches you to celebrate and move forward into the most compatible and highest vibrational life for you! You will learn a fun way to clearly set your intentions and celebrate what you truly want in life! Watch your life transform and the life of your dreams become reality! The tools offered in this workshop can be helpful to manifest partnership, new career, and more! Get ready to have some fun and toss your cupcake!

Starter kits will be available. Actual cupcake not included in the kit. Only you know what the perfect cupcake is for you!

Cost: $40.00

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